Making The World A Better Place One Funny At A time

It’s amazing that QUOTEDB.ORG can be so inspiring and funny at the same time. Funny senior quotes , funny money quotes and funny food quotes are also hilarious and can motivate you to do something positive. When we thing of being an inspiration to someone , we usually don’t think funny. Nevertheless many people have been motivated by funny quotes that bring joy and happiness to their lives. At this time let us take a look at a few of these funny quotes and see what they are all about.

Funny Senior Quotes

These quotes are compilations of quotes or remarks made by Seniors who are about to graduate and leave college. They are given an opportunity to have they picture and something said by them put in a book that stay at the college they went to. This is a long standing tradition so there are probably millions of quotes recorded by Seniors many of them very funny, others not so. What individuals have done is compiled some of the best they can find and share them with the world.

Funny Money Quotes

These quotes are ideally talking about money but in such a manner that you find many of them hilarious. If you read what some people say about money with the intent of creating a joke, you would be baffled. It just amazing what people think of to make someone else laugh. One may ask how could someone find something really funny to say about money? When you think about it, people have been making jokes about anything, sometimes it works other times it doesn’t.

Funny Food Quotes

Last but by no means least, funny food quotes. You think there aren’t anything funny about food, then guess again. People are always searching for funny quotes about food for whatever reason. I am sure if you had to search for this you would encounter some very funny quotes.

The thing about funny quotes is simple, they make you laugh, and laughter is good for you. So can funny make the world better, t depends on what funny you refer to, what I would say is that laughter is good medicine, but it starts with you.